Pavilion’s Rhonda Ryan shortlisted for the UK’s “First Women 2017” award

Rhonda Ryan, Managing Director & Head of EMEA with Pavilion Alternatives Group has been shortlisted in the Finance category for the First Women 2017 award.  Ms. Ryan shares the spotlight with seven other women  recognized as “trailblazers” who “inspire the next generation”.

“I am delighted to be a finalist alongside such high calibre women,” says Ms. Ryan, noting that a fellow finalist, Gina Miller, has a very high profile in the UK and recently took the government to court regarding BREXIT. Ms. Ryan, a strong proponent of gender diversity, shared her thoughts on this subject recently with AltAssets.

The First Women program was created by Real Business, a digital publication in the UK, in 2005. It puts the spotlight on women from various industry sectors and the public service. According to the program’s literature: “The winner of the Finance award will be tenacious and outstanding in her field. She will most likely have overcome difficulties to get where she is today, and will be passionate about driving change and supporting diversity and inclusion in the finance industry”. The results will be disclosed on June 29, 2017 during the award ceremony at the Hilton Bankside Hotel in London.

As an Australian graduate with Bachelor of Economics and Bachelor of Arts (Asian Studies) degrees, Ms. Ryan worked in the finance industry in Sydney and Tokyo from 1992 until 1997, at which time she emigrated to the UK. Her efforts to break into the London finance sector as a new Australian immigrant resulted in over 150 job applications being rejected, often with the explanation that she likely would return home to Australia and was therefore only suitable for temporary work.

Nevertheless, her persistence paid off and, capitalizing on her strong – and in London, rare – Japanese language skills, she secured a permanent position at the Industrial Bank of Japan, working in the relatively young field of Private Equity. This was Ms. Ryan’s first step onto the London financial career ladder.

Twenty years on, Ms. Ryan has established herself in the global financial community, now holding the position of Head of Europe, Middle East and Africa for Pavilion Alternatives Group. Ms. Ryan advises some of the world’s largest institutional investors on their private market investments.