PGM Global wins CIO’s Transition Management Innovation award

February 27, 2019, Montreal – Along with ranking globally and in Canada at the top in CIO’s 2018 transition management client satisfaction survey for those “extremely satisfied” and “overall satisfaction”, PGM Global earned the 2018 CIO’s Innovation Award for Transition Management.

PGM credits its success to its focus on client service as well as its ability to effectively manage the overall process and risk of the project that helps the client feel at ease during the often stressful task of restructuring plan assets. Its continual investment in technology and in its people has helped the firm remain at the forefront of an industry that’s become more and more competitive.

As the firm continues to look ahead, it plans to keep transition management at the core of its business. “This is a service business, and it all comes down to how clients feel about their providers and the service they offer,” said Mario Choueiri, head of transition management.


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About PGM Global Inc.
With trading volumes of approximately USD70 billion annually, PGM’s global trading desk operates 24 hours a day, five days a week and deals in all investment types, including equities, fixed income and currency. The desk is key to PGM’s transition management service which transitions clients’ assets after a change in investment manager, or to alter an asset allocation mix, or rebalance the portfolio. Complementing the trading and transition activity, PGM’s global macro research team generates market insights and analysis that open up investment opportunities and identifies risks, both hidden and overt. PGM Global Inc. is a Member of CIPF and SIPC.