PGM Global tops for “Overall Satisfaction” globally and in Canada in Chief Investment Officer’s 2018 Transition Management survey

Montreal, October 25, 2018 – Based on client feedback, Chief Investment Officer (CIO) ranked PGM Global Inc. (PGM) at the top of the charts, globally and in Canada, for the percentage of clients who are “extremely satisfied”, and for “overall satisfaction” in its 2018 Transition Management Survey. PGM’s #1 ranking for “overall satisfaction” globally and in Canada is a repeat of its 2017 performance in the same survey. In 2018, PGM also repeated its #1 ranking in Canada for its “disclosure of performance vs. benchmarks”, a category it has dominated since 2015.

“This is a service business, and it all comes down to how clients feel about their providers and the service they offer,” said Mario Choueiri, Head of Transition Management. “We are very appreciative of this feedback. It is a real motivator for me and the team, and reinforces the partnerships we strive to build with our clients.”

In its summary of the results, CIO noted that “the industry has gotten a bit tighter in recent years, and many transition managers have exited the industry. The ones that have stayed have evolved and perfected what they do in order to stay in the business.”

According to Choueiri, transition management has always been and remains a core business within PGM. “We believe that our consistent and long-term commitment to the transition business, as demonstrated by our investment in people and technology is a strong, competitive advantage.”

Survey Methodology
Via an online questionnaire open from July 18 through September 10, CIO asked clients of transition management services to rate the managers they used in the previous 12 months. By the survey’s close, 204 responses were collected, representing 243 ratings for 14 managers. In order to be included on any league table, managers needed at least 10 total responses; 10 firms reached this minimum. In addition, a manager garnering at least five responses in each of any two regions was eligible for a global rating. Providers qualifying in just one region are considered regional. All scores are unweighted averages.

About PGM Global Inc.
With trading volumes of approximately USD70 billion annually, PGM’s global trading desk operates 24 hours a day, five days a week and deals in all investment types, including equities, fixed income and currency. The desk is key to PGM’s transition management service which transitions clients’ assets after a change in investment manager, or to alter an asset allocation mix, or rebalance the portfolio. Complementing the trading and transition activity, PGM’s global macro research team generates market insights and analysis that open up investment opportunities and identifies risks, both hidden and overt. PGM Global Inc. is a Member of CIPF and SIPC. For further information, visit