PGM Global delivers on its promises in 2015 transition management survey

MONTREAL, November 9, 2015—PGM Global Inc. (PGM), an agency-only broker-dealer serving institutional clients around the globe, again posted high marks for the accuracy of its estimates in a 2015 survey of transition management providers conducted by CIO magazine.

Specifically, PGM ranked No. 2 among 11 providers in the cost vs. estimate category, consistent with high rankings received in 2014 and 2013. Click here for details on PGMs historical rankings in this category.

Mario Choueiri, Head of Transition Management for PGM, said he’s very pleased by this endorsement from clients that PGM excels at having the transition outcome match its pre-trade estimate. He noted that this is particularly important when clients are focused, more than ever before, on transparency and integrity from their providers.

“We spend considerable time and effort on our execution quality and risk analytics which feed into the accuracy of our pre-transition estimates. The result is a cost estimate that is realistic—not an overly aggressive bid based on unlikely assumptions used to entice clients to work with us. We’d like to be known as the industry’s “straight arrow” and a leader when it comes to openness and accountability.”

PGM was rated by clients on 35 of its transitions conducted during 2014 for a total value of $6.5 billion.


About PGM Global Inc.
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