PGM Global continues to innovate in 50th year, adds new research product and options trading capabilities

Montreal, June 13, 2018 – PGM Global Inc. (Pavilion) is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its origins as an institutional, agency-only, equity broker-dealer founded in Montreal, Canada by continuing the innovation it has practiced throughout its history.   In addition to its core services of global equity execution, transition management, and global macro research, Pavilion is launching a new global research product and has added options execution.

“Today we’re celebrating an important milestone for our company by continuing to innovate for our clients and meet their evolving needs,” said Patrick Belland, President and Managing Director.  “The new business initiatives complement our current offering, further adding value to our institutional client base.”

The new research product, which will analyze the quantitative impact of macro variables on U.S. equities, will be overseen by Alex Bellefleur, Head of Global Strategy and Research, an eight-year veteran of the firm and early member of the research team. “We will be leveraging our global expertise to create this unique product focused on U.S. investors,” he said.

Options trading is overseen by Jamieson Ritchie, Senior Sales Trader & Supervisor of Trading Operations, a 22-year veteran of the trading desk.  “The team includes an options trading specialist who consults on trading strategies and answers client questions.  High-touch trading and electronic liquidity sourcing are used to execute U.S. and Canadian-listed equity, ETF and index options.”

Mr. Belland said the ongoing development of new services and Pavilion’s strong rankings for global equity executions in recent years have supported the firm’s business expansion beyond the Montreal headquarters to offices in New York and Boston.  “After 50 years, what sets us apart from others is our commitment to innovation, depth of analysis and 100% agency best execution. We look forward to celebrating many more important milestones.”

With trading volumes of approximately USD70 billion annually, Pavilion’s global trading desk operates 24 hours a day, five days a week and deals in all investment types, including equities, fixed income and currency.  The desk is key to Pavilion’s recognized transition management service which transitions clients’ assets after a change in investment manager, or to alter an asset allocation mix, or rebalance the portfolio.  Complementing the trading and transition activity, Pavilion’s global macro research team generates market insights and analysis that open up investment opportunities and risks, both hidden and overt.


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