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Easing in India

The RBI came out yesterday with its second consecutive rate cut as economic growth starts to cool amid the ongoing general elections. The political desire for stimulus is understandable in the investor community, especially at a time when the rupee has stabilized and inflation is low. While we expect some rupee weakness to return, the […]

Stay positive?

Despite a strongly rebounding U.S. equity market this year, Tuesday’s U.S. consumer confidence print came in much worse than expected, missing the mark by the widest margin since 2015. The survey data tends to follow the equity market, which makes this divergence another sign of weakening U.S. consumption growth. Unless more is done by policy […]

An upside-down debate

The Fed surprised markets this week, with sentiment far more dovish than investors had expected. To some, this suggests that the credit cycle still has further to go. Others are weary of the Fed’s shift, believing that the Fed sees weaker economic conditions ahead. If global bond yields are any indication, the latter group is […]

A recession indicator?

Rising wage costs, and a new bill progressing through Congress that will increase Federal minimum wages are causing concerns for small businesses. Business owners mentioning labor costs as their greatest problem just hit an all-time high. Historically, when NFIB surveys for cost of labor as the single most important problem for small businesses reaches and […]

Going South

In 2018, Hong Kong stocks started falling in June, three months before the global equity rout began. This was primarily driven by large capital outflows in response to a more hawkish Fed coupled with weaker domestic growth (PMIs fell to 48). The equity market correction that followed lasted until the end of the year. However, […]

A global growth pick-up ahead?

Copper prices and global manufacturing PMIs have moved in tandem over the past several years. Trade disputes between the U.S. and China (the world’s largest copper consumer) and the slowdown in global economic growth have weighed on PMIs and copper prices. However, recently, the two have been diverging: global growth (and PMIs) continues to slow, […]

PGM Global wins CIO’s Transition Management Innovation award

February 27, 2019, Montreal – Along with ranking globally and in Canada at the top in CIO’s 2018 transition management client satisfaction survey for those “extremely satisfied” and “overall satisfaction”, PGM Global earned the 2018 CIO’s Innovation Award for Transition Management. PGM credits its success to its focus on client service as well as its ability to […]

PGM Global continues as fully independent, private firm

November 30, 2018, Montreal – As of today, PGM Global Inc. (PGM) is no longer a subsidiary of Pavilion Financial Corporation (PFC), which has been acquired by Mercer, a global consulting firm, in a transaction that closed today.  PGM is not included in this transaction. PGM remains a fully independent private company, owned by the […]