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Cliff deal is no panacea for market

Analysts said that until a final outcome on the U.S. budget becomes clear, many U.S.-based companies could put off big decisions, and slow or even halt hiring and capital expenditures – creating considerable doubt about the potential for corporate earnings growth this year.

China’s economic revival makes yuan a solid bet

Financial Post, December 11, 2012 “Our strongest currency views at the moment are in Asia,” Pierre Lapointe, the head of global strategy and research at PGM Global Inc. in Montreal, said in a note to clients. “We believe this is purely a domestically-led Chinese upswing that will continue through the first half of next year and […]

Raise or hold on real assets proves tough call

Over the last three or four years there has been a definite heightened interest in real assets.

Gold: It’s the end of the world as we know it

Gold is also expected to benefit from record low interest rates in the first half of next year. The Federal Reserve has maintained a zero interest rate policy for years and is expected to announce additional asset purchases to keep rates low when it meets this week.

Lower Real Wages Darken U.S. Economic Outlook: Chart of the Day

Households are in a poor position to sustain U.S. economic growth because their wages are failing to keep pace with inflation, according to PGM Global Inc. strategists.

With poor sales, more companies cutting costs to maintain profits

All in all, the Q3 earnings season has so far been disappointing and we will not be surprised to see more disappointment in future quarters,” said Pierre Lapointe, a macro strategist at PGM Global in Montreal, in a note to clients.