Transition Management

PGM’s transition management service helps clients move their current portfolio structure to the desired portfolio structure in the most efficient manner and at the least overall cost to the plan.

For over 20 years, we have assisted institutional investors and financial intermediaries in implementing portfolio changes – whether it’s to transition from one investment manager to another, alter an asset allocation mix, rebalance the portfolio for liquidation of positions or for any other reason.

We use our 24-hour, agency-only, global trading desk to effectively and efficiently transition our clients’ assets, and leverage PGM’s broker and investment manager network as a source of liquidity.


PGM’s transition management service will:

  • Reduce costs through lower commission rates and an appropriate execution strategy
  • Control risks by managing the risk exposures (market, sector, industry, currency) and optimizing the order sequencing
  • Achieve efficiency by coordinating the communication between managers and custodians