To achieve best execution for our clients, we use the latest technology and proprietary trading software. Our software platform offers a competitive, basket-trading facility and seamlessly interfaces with clients’ order or execution systems. Orders may be routed to multiple execution management systems accessing diverse algorithm servers.

Secure trading networks

We are able to service clients through the following secure trading networks:

  • Bloomberg Equity Order Routing
  • Charles River
  • Eze Castle
  • Fidessa Fix
  • LSE Hub Fix Macgregor
  • Instinet
  • ITGNet Fix (FMN)
  • Portware
  • Sunguard
  • Thomson Tradeweb Fix (ATR)
  • Transaction Network Solutions (TNS)

Pavilion Global Markets is a member of Euroclear and S.W.I.F.T., as well as a client of SSCNet, OMGEO Alert, OMGEO Oasys and OMGEO Oasys Global.