Game 4 and Fund 3

The National Hockey League, the National Basketball Association, and Major League Baseball all use a best of seven game format in their championship series. Presumably this is to make it more likely that the truly superior team will prevail as the championship team has to win four games which reduces the role of lucky events […]

Stock Market Volatility in 2017

One of the surprises for 2017 was the relative calm experienced by capital markets. This past year marked significant decreases in volatility – a change for both Canada and the United States. Looking at the Canadian S&P TSX Composite Index, November 2017 recorded the lowest volatility in a decade. If we tally up the number […]

Questions clients are asking – The Challenges of Alternatives Investments

Q: “We’re a very large client with substantial capital to deploy. What challenges might we face in designing, implementing, and monitoring a private markets program?” A: There are significant challenges in building and managing a successful private markets program, but the potential for additive return to the overall plan as demonstrated by the performance of […]

Pavilion Financial Corporation keeps momentum rolling with another strategic acquisition

By: Daniel Friedman, President & CEO, Pavilion Financial Corporation We’re always excited to add expertise and experience to our Pavilion family, which is why I couldn’t be more pleased about our recently announced plans to acquire the business of Jeffrey Slocum & Associates, Inc. (Slocum). There’s no doubt this transaction presents a strategic opportunity for both […]

Pavilion Alternatives Group offers a strong advisory platform for alternative assets

by Daniel Friedman, President & CEO of Pavilion Financial Corporation Today, we’re pleased to officially launch Pavilion Alternatives Group, a global advisory platform specializing in alternative asset classes, with over US$60 billion of assets and $130 billion of committed capital under advisement. Pavilion Alternatives Group is the result of a strategic acquisition we announced back […]

Intergenerational wealth transfer: Talking about money

Money, religion, and politics—this trifecta of inappropriate discussion topics can create shaky dinner party conversations. But what about with family? When we discuss with each of our client families what they want to achieve with their wealth, an interesting challenge often arises. When our clients describe retirement goals, the picture is often fairly clear: more […]

Tibble v. Edison: U.S. Supreme Court finds duty to conduct ongoing investment review

In a case followed with much interest by plan sponsors and ERISA practitioners, the U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled on whether ERISA’s six-year statute of limitations period applied to investment decisions made more than six years prior to the filing of the action. The Court remanded the decision to the Ninth Circuit, ruling that the […]

June 2015 – Economic Review

The close of June saw Greece peering over the cliff of insolvency as debt payments loomed. A €1.55 billion payment to the IMF was missed and upcoming payments to the European Central Bank for bailouts in 2010 and 2012 may not be made. Greece was the first developed nation to miss an IMF payment. View […]