Retirement income solutions in a DC world

In an environment where the primary source of retirement income is shifting from defined benefit plans to defined contribution plans, retirees are now faced with a new decision, how much do I withdraw from my defined contribution accounts? The first step is to encourage retirees to develop a withdrawal plan.  A withdrawal plan should be […]

Pavilion perspective: AIF Southwest Investor’s Forum

“This conference brought together some of the most influential institutional investors in the Southwest. I was impressed by the openness of the discussions and the insights provided by the panelists. Below are my thoughts on two sessions I found particularly interesting, and which demonstrate the challenges of infrastructure investments in our own backyard and how arriving […]

Buyout Outlook

In the U.S. buyout market, median EBITDA multiples remain high even though there has been a notable decrease in deal flow. Additionally, the exit market has been slowing even faster than the deal flow market. Despite this, institutional investors continue to be very interested in private equity and, as a result, fundraising remains strong. A […]

Energy and Infrastructure outlook

Oil prices have enjoyed a steady recovery from their lows and are at a level where there are attractive investment opportunities in the energy private equity market. Even more promising is the evidence of increasing demand for oil. If the economic recovery continues and further increases demand, energy prices may well experience additional improvement. A […]

Having interesting and meaningful work makes life so much better – International Women’s Day

Susan McDermott is the Chief Investment Officer for Pavilion Advisory Group Inc.  She is a CFA® charterholder and is based in Chicago, Illinois. My father required that all three of his daughters go into male-dominated professions.  Having survived World War II, he believed life could be very uncertain and that it was vitally important for […]

From being encouraged to encouraging others – International Women’s Day

Raelan Lambert is Managing Director, Advisory Services with Pavilion Alternatives Group, LLC.  Raelan is based in Sacramento. Right place, right time:  I originally started my career at Goldman Sachs but stumbled upon private equity when my husband and I relocated to Sacramento, CA from New York City.  I found the opportunity at Pavilion through a […]

Arm rests, power suits and taking your kids to work – International Women’s Day

Jenny Fenton is Senior Vice President, Corporate Initiatives with Pavilion Financial Corporation.  Jenny is based in London. My journey:  I’ve held many positions within three companies over the course of my career. I was thrust into leadership at an early age – at 24, I was Finance Superintendent in charge of 12 people.  We had […]

Asia-Pacific Outlook

In contrast to the mixed measures in both the U.S. and European markets, deal flow, exits, and fundraising are all up in Asia-Pacific private equity markets. While these trends are positive, many of the Asia-Pacific economies are substantially dependent on exports, which makes them very sensitive to economic performance in other regions of the world. […]