Fixed income investors have options to increase returns, lower risk

As all investors are aware, fixed income yields and overall returns generally have been trending downward for many years, impinging on the ability of institutions to meet their return targets. With interest rates at such low levels, the risk of negative returns due to rising rates is a concern. In Exhibit 1, we see that […]

Rethinking Target Date Strategies

Target date strategies have experienced record asset growth. They are increasingly being used in defined contribution plans by participants who are enrolled in these solutions by default. However, significant differences among target date offerings exist—asset allocation, underlying design and philosophy—presenting a challenge for plan sponsors in the selection and monitoring of target date strategies. While […]

How much authority should we give our “experts”?

In our hectic lives, we outsource many tasks to the relevant experts. We send our clothing to the dry cleaners, have others mow and landscape our lawns and even have companies sell our unwanted personal items on eBay. We relinquish these tasks not only because it saves us time, but also because we trust the […]

A holistic wealth management solution that simplifies your life

A simplified life is an enticing concept. If your wealth management partner can deliver it, then the expression “value-added” starts to make a whole lot of sense. Many wealth management providers offer core services such as financial needs analysis and planning, asset allocation and investment strategy implementation, comprehensive reporting and monitoring. But where Pavilion Investment […]

January 2015 – Economic Review

European currency struggles punctuated a January that brought stocks lower as Euro fears were reanimated. Greek voters took to the polls to voice their disappointment over several years of austerity as a term for receiving continued loans, which sustained the country’s finances for the past three years. View the full document (PDF) In this issue: […]

Behind good investment advice, there’s solid research

How often have you responded to a suggestion from a friend or colleague with the words: “That’s a great idea, but I haven’t got the time to look into it.”? In our fast-paced world, it’s often a challenge to slow things down and consider all the options. But let’s hypothesize for a moment that you […]

Implementing a risk assessment when managing change

Institutional investors face some difficult decisions after concluding that an investment manager will need to be terminated. In some situations, the resulting termination has nothing to do with the existing manager. Changes in strategic asset allocation or structure (going to Global Equity from EAFE/US Equity) result in winners and losers of assets. In other situations, […]

Transitioning your portfolio: mitigating risks and instilling immediate trust

When dealing with a manager change or portfolio restructuring, asset owners face the unwelcome potential of incurring significant losses from poor transition management. At Pavilion, we believe any loss through poor management is unacceptable. As your transition manager, Pavilion will work closely with you to develop a customized strategy that aims to maximize asset retention […]