Best of both worlds in investment services

In an increasingly standardized market, putting your competitive strength forward is vital. This is exactly how Pavilion sets itself apart from the competition.

Several years ago, Martin Weinberg, CEO & Chairman, Pavilion Financial Corporation, saw an opportunity in the industry to combine the best of both worlds: bring the expertise of the handful of giant, public or corporately owned investment services firms and match it with the superior customer service of small-to-medium-sized boutiques.

That “sweet spot” has allowed Pavilion to differentiate itself from other industry players and provides a customization difficult to find anywhere else.

On top of combining the depth of global institutions with the flexibility of a boutique firm, Pavilion is also anchored on the principle of employee ownership.

We believe that this is the key to our success. Everyone is aligned. This is something special for all stakeholders, says Weinberg.

Pavilion isn’t the first institution to realize the potential of employee ownership. According to the Employee Ownership Foundation, “experience and research have shown that employee owners have a different attitude about their company, their job, and their responsibilities.” Shared capitalism improves the performance of firms. It is associated with: greater attachment, loyalty, and willingness to work hard; lower chance of turnover; worker reports that co-workers work hard and are involved in company issues; and worker suggestions for innovations.

This helps Pavilion attract and retain dedicated and motivated professionals. The outcome for clients is one-of-a-kind, tailored solutions backed by comprehensive research and exceptional service that meet their investment objectives, drive success and mitigate risk. Advice is also delivered by a team of talented individuals with deep expertise in multiple disciplines.

Taking a thought and bringing it to reality is something to be proud of. I think that we’ve assembled one of the best employee-owned, investment services corporations, adds Weinberg.

Today, through its network of companies, Pavilion offers a comprehensive suite of integrated services such as investment consulting, implemented consulting, transition management, securities trading, research and wealth management to institutional and other investors in select geographical markets.

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